sâmbătă, 20 octombrie 2012

First trip

           I was wondering this days what to write, I had some ideas, but I wanted to come with something interesting. Many of us traveled around the World, having great time in the places we have been, getting in touch with the locals, their customs, their way of life and many other things. We can say that we are lucky people if we visit other places because we can understand more about the human nature and how different we still are from one another.

           My first visit was in France, Cote d`Azur. Before arriving in Nice I searched for some hotels, to be located in the city centre and to have good connection for the means of transport. The hotel where me and my brother stood is called "Universal" and is near Galeries Lafayette. Exactly here you can find a very nice plaza decorated with some statues on top of some columns, which during night time they are iluminated and change their colours. At a corner of this plaza is a beaufitul fountain. Right next to the plaza is a park, making the entire place looking just great. You can see all around pieces of french arhitecture, starting with the buildings and finish with the street ligths.

          Beeing a city that developed through the ages, like most of the great cities of Western Europe, you shouldn't be surprised that in a big part of the city you will find narrow streets that are one way traffic and if you come with a car will be dificult to find a parking place.

          The most proeminent boulevard of Nice is Le Promenade des Anglais. Just across is the Meditarranean Sea with it's beautiful waters. If you want to get some tan here during summer time you will have a surprise because there is actually no sand, you will find rocks as big as fists and in only some areas there will be some private beaches with some 100s square meters of sand. 
          But the most beautiful thing on this boulevard are the hotels. Considered by many one of the greatest on Cote d'Azur is Hotel Negresco, built at the begging of the 1900s. Other nice hotels are: Palais de la Mediterranee, Westminster, West End, Le Meridien. 
          The walkway is very large, fitted also with bycicles lanes, beeing a great place if you want to jog. Of course you should walk along this beautiful boulevard by night, when you will be very touched by the entire arhitecture of the hotels and by the promenade itself.

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